Evergreen Meets Capital Campaign Goal

“I will praise the name of God with a song; I will magnify God with thanksgiving.” Psalm 69:30


Evergreen has met our Capital Campaign goal. Pastor Rev. Lucy Waechter Webb has written an open letter to members and friends of Evergreen to express gratitude for all the generosity. We invite you to continue reading.

Dear Evergreen Members and Friends,

Thanks to all of you who have made a pledge and given to our capital campaign. After many anxious years of transition, we set a lofty goal to raise $200,000 for our building improvements, and in less than a year we reached our goal! We have had many from our current family and alumni give generously to this campaign, and we are excited to continue to birth the new Evergreen with you. It is a sure sign of vitality and health that we have been able to support so much of the renovation work with direct support from our church family and friends.

As you know, we have had construction underway on the exterior, and it is nearing completion. Expect to see our new doors and awning installed soon. New signage will soon follow! 

We have approved the contract for the interior work and the city permit was approved, so we expect demolition will begin shortly. As we’ve indicated, it will get messy inside, but we hope to continue to stay and worship in our space while work is in progress. 

Artist Yvonne Bobo has all of the materials ready to build the sculpture for the ceiling of our sanctuary and will begin fabrication in the next month or so. 

As anticipated, the cost of our work will exceed the campaign goal, so a gift now will not go un-utilized! You can still make a pledge or give online here www.evergreenmemphis.org/capital-campaign/.

You can also still buy a t-shirt or a poster with Yvonne Bobo’s rendering of the sculpture. Email Mitchel (Mitchel@evergreenmemphis.org) to make a purchase. 

Again, it is with gratitude and hope that we celebrate this success in our community!


Pastor Lucy