Peace Camp 2.0.png

Peace Camp

Teaching Love in Action to Our Youngest Activists

Dates: July 22 - 26, 2019

8:00am - 1:00pm (snack and lunch provided)

4 - 12 years old (Child must be toilet trained)

Peace Camp is a low-cost summer week-long day camp. This camp will focus on issues of peacemaking and justice for our children, using age appropriate stories and activities to invite the children into the work of justice. 

We will focus on cultivating deep love in our children; we hope to make that word a little less cuddly and more full of courage. We will follow the curiosity of our children, encouraging them to explore themselves, their neighbor, and the world around them with wonder and respect. We are still developing our curriculum, but will likely explore stories and issues that range from environmental justice to racism to gender/sexuality. You might be wondering how a 4 year old thinks about gender; what is fascinating is that studies show kids as young as 2 years old already have well established categories for male and female. We’re interested in how we might tell stories that challenge those divisive categories, teach kids about our history and the amazing people who have challenged these kinds of oppressive systems, and do it all while playing along the way! We have some excellent teachers and community volunteers who are dancers, singers, artists, yogis, thespians & gardeners thinking critically about how to engage young people in these topics in a way that is fun, accessible and age appropriate. If you have any questions about the curriculum, please email lucy@evergreenmemphis.org.

Evergreen Presbyterian Church is a Christian faith community, and we seek to include the voices of other faith traditions in this curriculum. We are an open and affirming congregation that welcomes and affirms the beauty and contributions of all people regardless of race, gender identity, sexuality, physical ability, financial means, or your religious/spiritual background.

Finally, this is our first year launching this camp, and we have been energized and empowered by the enthusiasm and support of our surrounding community. We hope that as a parent/caregiver/neighbor you would be engaged in the development of this curriculum as we work to make this camp a sustained offering within our community in years to come. 

Save the Date for a Celebration Event at the end of camp on Friday, July 26, 2019!

Note: Peace Camp registration is full. If you are interested in being placed on a waiting list, email Mitchel Griffin, Mitchel@evergreenmemphis.org. If you are registered and unable to attend, a full refund will be issued until Friday, July 12.